Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Android Market Version 3.0.27

Android Market Version 3.0.27
Google has quietly started rolling out a new update Android market version 3.0.27 for its Android market to Android devices report Android Community Website. The new update brings with it some new layouts within the design of the market, together with new features that provide you with the apibility to purchase e-books and download movie rentals.

The new interface design of the lates Android market update brings the application with the slicker design of the Honeycomb Android Market, providing screenshot of applications above the descriptions, together with promotional videos.

The update is currently rolling out over the air at the moment, but report indicate the speed the update is rolling out to handsets is pretty slow. So if you can wait any longer you can download new Android market update from the Android Community Website. The update is compatible with Android 2.2 froyo and above.

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