Monday, July 18, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S Specifications Reviews

Samsung Galaxy S Specifications Reviews
New android smartphone from samsung will be making is way to north America, as well as other part of the world, this summer. Dubbed the Samsung Galaxy S, the device was introduced at CTIA 2010 and includes features that boast the mulimedia and social experince of the phone.

To start, the Samsung Galaxy Sboasts at 4-inch super AMOLED touch screen, wich wefirst saw on the Samsung wave at mobile world Congress. Unlike regular AMOLED screen, the Super AMOLED screen places touch sensor right on top of the AMOLED screen, wich eliminates the need for an additional touch sensor panel, removes air gaps, and improves touch sensitivity. I'ts also less reflective so the screen sould be easier to see indoors and outdoors and has wider viewing angles.

The Samsung Galaxy S is ideal for viewing video and photos. The presidentof samsung's mobile communications business said that the company will work with content partner to make full-lenght movies and TV shows avaliable on the Samsung Galaxy S as well as e-books and magazines . You will able to play back HD videos at 720p resolution , and q 1 GHz processor is oneboard to ensure things run smoothly.

The Samsung Galaxy S will ship running Android 2.1 and comes with Bluetooth 3.0, a 5 MP camera a SWYPE keyboard, and Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) technology for interdevice connectivity. Pricing and carrier information were not release at this time, but the smare phone is a quard-band GSM phone with support for 900/1900/2100mHz 3G bands.

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